Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Harvest has begun!

This year Harvest Festival seems to be starting early and we have already had our first Harvest donations in, which is great news as our stocks were getting very low!

Harvest is a great time for The Food Bank as it gives us a great platform to encourage people to think about donating food. We have many regular supporters in both schools and Churches who have been collecting on our behalf for many years, however we are pleased to see some new groups coming on board and we love the chance of going out to meet them and of sharing a little about our work.

Our diary is filling up rapidly and we already have bookings for 14 school assemblies, 5 Church services and 7 Community Room bookings which is really exciting!

I have already done my first assembly at Orchard School in Springfield and have another tomorrow at St Mary's School in Wavendon which is always lovely as they sing some wonderful harvest songs!

I love this time of year as whilst our feet don't touch the ground, we do get the chance to touch peoples hearts and let them realise how easy it is for them to make a difference to a local family in crisis - just by giving one tin.....

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